Mississippi Baptists Brand Typography

Confident & Friendly

The typography of the Mississippi Baptists suggests a simple, relatable, and accessible presence. The MBCB brand contains three typefaces: Sofia Pro, Utopia Std, and Josefin Sans. Together, they convey modernity and hospitality.

Usage Examples

These are some examples of how the fonts can be paired together. There is versatility in how they can be used depending on the execution.

Solely using different weights of Sofia Pro creates a very cohesive look that feels impactful, modern, and friendly. An execution like this will work well on the web thanks to Sofia Pro's clarity and effectiveness at many different sizes.

Switching to Utopia Std for headlines emphasizes the thoughtfulness and tradition of the MBCB, while keeping Sofia Pro for a sub-headline and paragraph adds strength and confidence as well as approachability.

Another way to utilize different weights of Sofia Pro is to have a smaller sub-headline above a bold headline. Sofia Pro Light or Regular pairs nicely as body copy in this case.

MBCB Brand Elements