Mississippi Baptists Visual Elements

Evoke familiarity and warmth with the Mississippi River.

Visual elements are sets of defined components that can be used in design compositions that represent the MBCB. They broaden the visual language of the brand while keeping it focused and consistent. These elements can be added throughout the website and brand materials to provide subtle pattern and visual interest while tying in the natural surroundings of the state of Mississippi.

Pattern and Texture

The custom Mississippi Baptists patterns and textures may be applied to images, mugs, letterhead, business cards, etc. The photo treatments and textures could be used in a range of contexts, from the MBCB website to the back of a T-shirt. Use the pattern minimally, either as a background element or supporting element. It can be used in conjunction with more organic elements to convey harmony through contrast. The pattern can also be resized and the stroke weight can be adjusted as needed. Patterns are a great way to create dimension in a graphic or illustration.

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Photo and Video Footers

Footer designs are an excellent way to add a hint of customization to any Mississippi Baptists photography or videography. These footer elements come in a variety of wave patterns and sizes.

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All photography should reflect the essence of the Mississippi Baptists. The state of Mississippi is known to be community-focused, cordial, and passionate. The photos chosen should embody togetherness, familiarity, and encouragement, the attitude the MBCB intends to bring into its futureā€”building stronger relationships and becoming a more responsive resource for its member churches. Any stock images chosen should feel realistic and engaging and should instill a feeling of welcome and hospitality. These stylistic guidelines work together to create images that achieve a cohesive and consistent look across all MBCB creative.

MBCB Messaging